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Welcome to Free eBooks Reviewed. This blog is meant for the millions of people who acquire a “free” eBook offered on the internet. It is also for those persons looking to acquire a “free” eBook from the internet. Here we will review the eBook’s content and intent and report on its delivery, usefulness and resources.


Reading eBooks, or any other materials for that matter, can be quite time-consuming. Why waste your time rushing through an eBook, even if a great one, that only provided materials concerning matters you already know? Or one that provides information without showing a means of implementing the great knowledge you just acquired? First you need to understand: “The eBook Is Not Free“!


It may be at no financial cost, but it is NOT free! Before you can get your hands on that desired material you will, no doubt, be required to hand over your Name and your eMail Address. These are precious commodities and every internet marketer wants to get their hands on them. Why? So they can bombard you with constantly flowing email offers that crowd your inbox and wear at your patience. I have an email address that I hadn’t used for almost 4 years. When I decided to start using it again (about 2 months ago), I found I had over 50,000 emails piled up in there. Over the years, email marketers have continued to send me offers. Although I never responded to any, apparently the emails kept on flowing. I finally managed to empty that box and still receive (from the same marketers) over 200 emails daily. One would think by now they would have purged their email systems of non-responders!


You should also know about the “OTO’s” (One Time Offers)! These seem to be abundant  today. Some even have secondary OTO’s…that is…if you try to move on past the first OTO another page appears offering you the same OTO (identical) at a fraction of the cost of the first OTO. Apparently these tactics work or why would marketers continue them? And most of the OTO’s say something like…”Purchase This and Get All These Items Free” or “You Will Never See This Offer Again”! What are the items? More free eBooks or free software products! Think about this. If you are given 10 eBooks free for your purchase when will you have time to read them? Mostly, they will just take up space on your hard drive until one day you dispose of them! So…Why were they so valuable in the first place?


Forget about the “Free” offers! Concentrate on the item being sold! Is it of value to you? Do you need, or even want, it? If the answer is “NO”, look way down the bottom of the page. Past all the glitter and hype! You will find an indiscreet wording that usually starts with: “No…thanks for the great…”, just “let…”! Click on that to bypass the OTO and get to your “Free” download.


Don’t feel guilty either! Just remember: “it wasn’t actually Free”! You paid for the product with what the marketer was after…”Your Credentials”!


Why am I qualified to present these reviews? I’m not going to write here what is said somewhere else…so if you want the answer to that question…wander on over to my “about me” page since it is presented there. Needless to say, what I am proposing to accomplish with this blog is to save many of you the aggravation associated with acquiring these items if they are not what you are looking for. Additionally, we will report on the completeness of the information presented and provide resources that may fill the gap left by most of the writings in these materials.


For instance…I recently finished a short and informative ebook by a very famous internet marketer. It provided very useful material and great ideas! Now the writer would say “It was written to provide information” and he would be right…and the information is presented very well. The problem is, there is absolutely no materials that indicate how to employ the acquired knowledge, where to get further resources to use the information, or what to do with the knowledge. Its like giving someone quick directions to get across town then handing them a street map without any roads on it. How do you get from point “A” to point “B” with such a guide?


Now don’t be deceived…I do NOT pretend to be a Guru…nor have I made a million dollars doing internet marketing, and I certainly won’t make that kind of money doing a  free blog. But then…it was never my intention to become an internet millionaire! I have had some sites online and they have done very well. I do have computer experience and marketing know-how. This blog will utilize those experiences to report on the products marketers are offering you at “no Cost” (NOT Free) and their usefulness. You decide whether or not to pursue acquiring them!


In addition, should the eBooks reviewed leave out the important stuff (the where – how & what to’s – in getting a result from the knowledge received from your reading) here we will try to provide you with those left-out resources. The first eBook review is currently in process and a report should be posted here about findings within the next week. Readers are free to submit reviews if they want to take the time to write them. Requests for reviews will be accepted and acted on as time permits.


Please use this Contact Form to submit requests:



You will be contacted by email with my email address. Be Prepared to attach and forward any product to be reviewed.


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