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Blog Setup Tutorials

First a little background:

There are loads of places and companies offering blogging services these days. Blog Setup Tutorials is a product that only relates to the WordPress blogging product. Of course, it would be nice if it could relate to them all, but that is relatively impossible. WordPress has two (2) products in the marketplace. While both are similar, there are usage differences. Both are free to use! The first is called “”. This product is hosted on the servers and there are no installation or maintenance costs. However, this version comes with limitations imposed by the website. For instance, you are not allowed to promote commercial advertising (such as Google Adsense). Some items can be purchased separately and/or you can opt for a paying premium account. However, you will still have limitations on your ability to fully use and exploit the product. Then there is “”. This is the same (perhaps pumped-up version), but with it you must have your own hosting and you are responsible for installation and maintenance. This blog (Free-eBooks-Reviewed) is one of the offerings but will soon be upgraded to for reasons of flexibility. Blog Setup Tutorials relate to the product! Enough waffling…

Now the review:

Blog Setup Tutorials is truly a 91 page eBook with something to offer. I started it and couldn’t put it down until reaching the end. Unlike most “how-to” electronic books, Blog Setup Tutorials will walk the reader through every step and process necessary to get a WordPress blog up and running. But, that’s not all. The author makes no inference that you have any internet marketing experience and starts right from the beginning. In essence, before you actually have to set-up a blog, there are other considerations you need to make. These considerations are explained in detail with adequate explanations and graphics.

Take a look at the Table of Contents:

Choosing a Niche & Keyword
Choosing your Domain Name
Registering your Domain Name
Setting up your Webhosting Account
Updating your Domain Nameservers
Creating Domain Name Email Addresses
Installing WordPress Blog using Fantastico
Installing WordPress Blog Manually
Installing WordPress Themes to your Blog
Installing WordPress Plugins to your Blog
Search Engine Optimization for your Blog
Creating Categories for your Blog
Creating Additional Pages for your Blog
Writing your first post for your Blog
Adding Pictures & Video to your Blog
Monetizing your WordPress Blog
Adding Adsense, Aweber & Affiliate Banners
Adding Google Analytics to your Blog
Traffic Generation techniques for your blog
Acknowledgments & Conclusion

It’s like the author is right there with you, holding your hand and guiding you through every process necessary from start to finish. If you can read, or in some cases in this tutorial just follow the graphics, you will wind-up with your project online. Not just that, but you are also walked through the processes of monetizing your blog (ideas on making money from your efforts), adding “widgets” and “plug-ins”, getting products to sell (either outright or passively) and getting traffic (readers/customers) to come by and visit your pages!

This is not just a general manual, but instead, an in-depth guide, with the author holding your hand every step of the way. In some places Blog Setup Tutorials uses what we call “computer lingo”, much like most of the computer technical manuals on offer today. This type of writing has a tendency to put off many a reader, specifically the computer “novice”. This is not the case with this manual. If computer terminology is used, the author breaks it down into layman’s language which most high school drop-outs will understand. Blog Setup Tutorials would also be a pleasure for the older generation to read since it is not published with the normal 10  – 12 point typeface, but instead seems to utilize about a 14 – 16 point typeface. I was able to get from start to finish without the use of my reading glasses and without any form of eye strain.

The eBook was not just a pleasure to read, but overly informative, specific and to the point. Any task required from A to Z is clearly identified and explained. I was able to complete each step easily as I set-up a test blog using the instructions provided. I’m sure most would have no trouble accomplishing the same end.

As a reviewer, it is my job to find and report on the good and bad aspects of any project. I’m pleased to say, no fault could be found with this eBook. It is informative, to the point, and will get the reader through the entire process with little trouble. Additionally, the author offers assistance to anyone who emails in should they encounter a problem with anything outlined in his writing. One could not ask more than that!

The eBook contains useful links to every kind of resource one would need if the reason for starting the blog is a commercial endeavour. The links could be used to create a separate resource directory they are so plentiful. The author is not just handing you a “set-up instruction manual” then leaving you to get on with it. His attitude seems to be one of: “I’m not going to take your money and leave you stranded”!

Oh, what am I saying?  I almost forgot! The going price for this great work is “your name and email address”. In this case, a price well worth paying! 

I have little doubt that some of the links in the eBook lead to products that will require a payment from you and that the author will probably receive a commission should you purchase. However, the author is quick to point out that you are free to use your own resource; his is not the only one in the marketplace. For instance, there is absolutely no pressure or indication that your hosting must come from the company he uses or that you should always purchase your domain name from his source. That being said, this is a product that should probably sell for around $97.00 and it is being handed over for no “out-of-pocket” cost to the recipient. Step-by-step instruction, a ton of resources and the offer to hold your hand if required; all without you handing over a single cent!

In Conclusion:

This was a good read! Blog Setup Tutorials is informative, well research and well written. The information and instruction in the manual is second to none on the topic covered. It could be used by novice and advanced internet marketers in getting a blog up and running, monetizing it and getting traffic to it. All in all, it is certainly worth far more than the author is charging. Well done; Mr. Tommy Mc Laughlin…

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All The Best!


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