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You Are Targeted

You Are TargetedMy Facebook Formula Image

That’s right! If you are one of the 400 million or more people who have a Facebook account, then you have been targeted. While you may not know it, Internet Marketers are gearing up to target the members of the Facebook community! Facebook in its initial conception stayed away from most direct advertising allowing its members to experience an open society with very little interference from the corporate world and businesses in general. Oh yes, there were always those adverts in the right margin of pages, but they were few, small and didn’t interfere with the overall social experience to be gained from interacting with ones “friends” and acquaintances. Whether that platform will remain intact and continue remains to be seen.

The corporate world use to view Facebook as an outside format with little or no relevance to their operations. However, that attitude has changed and continues to evolve. In one respect it is to be expected! After all, the Facebook platform boosts a worldwide membership in excess of 400 million people and growing every day. It would seem unlikely for the corporate world to bypass such a great marketing audience. All gathered in one place, under one roof and ripe to at least view their advertising messages. For the moment those adverts are limited to “pages” put in place by business, but the question is; “can proliferation into our social pages be stopped”? I mean, to date those right margin adverts have come from small entities looking to grow. Schools, clubs and adverts of that kind mostly. We haven’t seen Coke or BMW crowding our space with their offers! Will this continue?

For the moment, Facebook bosses imply it will. On the other hand, won’t they be tempted by the dollar strength of the corporate giants to change that policy? Heck, you would if it meant increasing revenues by millions of dollars, wouldn’t you? Hey, for the corporate world it is a jamboree! In one sense members could benefit from reduced prices, but corporations would be able to meet those lower prices by reducing sales forces, minimising brick-and-mortar facilities thereby drastically cutting overhead expenses. Rest assured, all of those business savings will not be reflected in the reduced prices!

Imagine entities like Ford Motors or D.I.Y. operators only need half their current showroom space and gearing up as distribution and servicing centres only! While that may seem a little simplistic, rest assured those giants will find a way to make something similar happen. I mean, if you are looking to purchase a brand new Ford Escort the bottom line for your decision to buy is not colour, it’s price! With the World Wide Web, price is currently indicative of area. You know that in the United States purchases are made using dollars and in the United Kingdom in Pounds Sterling while in other parts of Europe in Euros. What you may not realize is that these currencies differ greatly in their value. For instance, when I first arrived in England I was appalled to find that one dollar was only worth 50 cents. In essence, 5 thousand dollars was worth 2,500 Pounds Sterling. Moving that analogy forward then a Ford Mustang that might have cost 6 thousand dollars in the United States should have cost 3 thousand pounds sterling, right?

Get a grip! That same car would sell in England for over 14 thousand pounds sterling. Rationale, it had to be imported. Yet the car was produced right there in a factory in England. What import? Well, parts cost more to manufacture in England! What a load of bull. Their all outsourcing and getting their parts from the same factories in Indonesia, China and other places so don’t let them fool you. They will buy from the cheapest source available capable and willing to meet their standards for the delivered product. Why do you think so many factories have closed in these countries? Mainly because business can outsource and get what they need to produce a finished product cheaper elsewhere.

So, what’s this about you being targeted? Have a good look around the Internet. Use Google Search and put in your browser a simple unrefined search “ebooks on facebook”. I got a return that there are, ready for this, 99,600,000 books that meet that simple criteria. That’s million folks, with an “M”. Ok, so they are not all about doing business on Facebook. Guess what? There are 10 entries on each search results page. On page 1 there are 3 books on the subject with titles; “How To Set Up Your Facebook Store”; leverage Social Media To Grow”; Free eBook To Make You Tons Of Money On Facebook”. You do the math. If that held true for all pages, that would imply there are 33,200,000 books on the subject. Being realistic, let’s say that 29 in every 30 listed was for the same title and only 1 in every 30 was for a different book. Even with those ridiculous assumptions it means there are 1,106,667 different eBooks available on the subject. Still think you’re not being targeted?

One such book is the subject of this week’s review. Its title: “My Facebook Formula, 400 Million Members, Unlimited Potential”. In preparing this review I read through at least a dozen such books. The information contained in many of them is much the same with varying differences. The one mentioned above is typical of what they have to say and the general feeling portrayed in most of them. That feeling, consistent with the title, the Facebook audience is ripe for the picking! An immediate audience, massive customer base bringing unlimited marketing potential to the merchant. Most of these books are geared at smaller business entities, but you can rest assured the giants are also aware of that potential.

The eBook actually provides relevant information with regard to the workings of the Facebook platform in general providing the reader with criteria necessary to understand and capture the Facebook market. There is no detailed instruction on how to set-up or accomplish a desired goal and leaves that to the reader to figure out. But you can rest well assured that shortly the “how-to” manuals will hit the market together with courses on those issues. Why not yet? Simple! Someone has to accomplish a successful “from Facebook” record before that can be offered. It is just a matter of time before someone reaches that stage of development for such a project.

The book is a good read for non-Internet Marketers because it will give you some perspective on how these entrepreneurs will operate. What their plans and goals are and how to look out for them. This book is only 29 pages and can be consumed in just under half an hour. If you want a prelude on what you can expect to find in coming days with respect to your beloved Facebook social media, I would recommend you have a look at this eBook. So much so that I have made it available on my blog at no cost – free!

Yes, I am also an Internet Marketer and will be employing many of the same techniques reported in this book. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the idea of having an available audience and using it to market. But I believe that market is entitled to be informed about how such practices may impact their normal Facebook operations.

Go ahead, get hold of the book. I have nothing to gain since it is offered free and you have nothing to lose. They say information is knowledge and knowledge is strength. Go get the strength!

Click here to get your free copy.

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WARNING!!!…Trojan Horse…Spread by Internet Marketers!

Warning!!!…Trojan Horse…found in 21 downloaded programs!

In the course of my duties (reviewing Software and eBooks) it is necessary that I join and/or participate in most of the on-line Giveaway promotions abundant on the Internet today. Yesterday I signed on to one such program and afterwards downloaded 25 “.zip” files to review. Each represented a different “free” program or eBook offer in return for my name and email address.

As a safety measure in such download incidences, I always make such downloads to an external USB hard drive, thereby isolating the files received from my system. For further protection, these files are downloaded to a separate folder in an isolated and protected portion of that drive. Thereafter, when time permits, a separate virus scan is run on that folder before it is used for anything. OK, so I have a lot of equipment…that’s not what is important here!

What is important…of the 25 “.zip” files downloaded, 21 of them contained a “Trojan Horse” of one type or another!

What is a Trojan Horse, well, I’ll leave you to research that on your own since it would take too much time to explain in this article and there is plenty of material already available on the subject. But, what you need to know (if you do not already understand) is that you “Do Not want a Trojan Horse infecting your system”!

What I want to identify in this article is one of the largest common vehicles responsible for the dissemination of the Trojan Horse infection. Now, 21 out of 25 files must give you some clue, but who is responsible?

In truth, it is impossible to answer that question. In general, these Trojan Horses have to be coded (written) into the file being distributed and this is usually accomplished when the file is originally created. However, it is possible to be added after the original creation of the file. The “file” as stated here is usually an execution (“.exe”) or other file that must be opened by your system. Therefore, the Trojan Horse coding could have been written and attached to the program any-time from its origination up and including the time it was made available for you to download. So as you can see, responsibility can be very hard to attach with respect to the origin of a particular Trojan Horse coding. However, placing responsibility for its dissemination is another matter!

In the world of today, generally these malicious programs are disseminated by unsuspecting, usually fairly “newbie” persons in the Internet Marketing game. But, they must take responsibility, in part, as the final link in the distribution chain. Before them, however, there are generally several other layers of persons who, many times, are just as passively innocent as the “newbie”. You see, today, many of these programs have a very wide bottom level and pyramid to a single person at the top, who may or may not be equally responsible. Remember, the file has probably by now passed through many hands since its origination.

All Internet Marketers are taught that getting involved in “giveaway” programs and the like are valuable in building their business. Offer something “free” in return for a “sign-up”. This will “build your list” which established your client base. This in itself is a myth, but that is a completely different topic. The Internet buzz phrase is: “The money is in the list”! However, no-one tells the new entries into the field of Internet Marketing that the statement only really applies to “lists of customers” (people who buy), not to generally collected names and email addresses of people looking specifically for something “free”. So, how does it go?

The elite Internet Marketers recruit “newbies” and during the process offer them “free” items in return for their sign-up. Some of thee people sign-on as affiliates (people who will promote the products they received in return for a commission). Hey, says the recruiter, you thought this product was great, so will others. Why not promote it your self (to your friend, family, neighbours and others, and earn some money from this worthwhile product? Each affiliate is provided their own identification and in some cases their own little website (which is owned and maintained by the product owner). The recruiter inform the new sign-on, “we will give you the product with your own affiliate links already installed, so anyone who clicks on any of the links set in the product and buys will earn you a commission”.  They are instructed to join these giveaway programs, joint ventures and other such programs, place their product on the site as a “free” item, and collect the name and email address of those people who take the product without cost – “Build Your List”!

Unfortunately, unknowing to them, or the person instructing them in many cases, the product contains the deadly Trojan Horse! These people would probably be horrified if they realized they were part of a chain distributing such a harmful item. Along comes “John Q Public” – “Hey that looks interesting and it’s free” I’ll have a go at that. Download…install…use…and Bingo…the malicious code (Trojan Horse) has been spread again!

The simple truth is the spreading of this Trojan Horse code can be easily diminished. It will probably never by stopped altogether since it is impossible to assume that every hacker, young kid out for thrills, idiots experimenting with new-found coding skills, or others will consider the harm caused to the public by their activities. On the other hand it can be seriously diminished by eliminating its distribution through methods described in this article. No, I am not suggesting these programs be stopped. Instead, I am interested in seeing the marketers involved take more responsibility for their product inclusions in such programs.

That is very easily accomplished. First by the marketer offering the “free” product simply using a virus checking program to inspect the file before submission into such a project. Second by the project owner, director, or whoever, also virus checking the program before placing it on the project site for download. Yes, it would take a little of these people’s time. That time doesn’t compare to the time it takes the public to rid their systems of such codes once their have reached their systems.

It should be apparent it is in the interest of the marketers to include such policies in their programs. Do they really think their credibility holds up to the person whose system has become infected? I don’t know about you, but I, for one, immediately click the “un-subscribe” link in any email received from one of these people. Yes, that means I have un-subscribed to 21 such emails yesterday! Perhaps if more of us took this type of action marketers would get the message and start to act more responsibly, checking their offerings before placing them for public consumption.

In any regard, I strongly suggest and recommend that anyone downloading anything from anywhere on the Internet make sure the incoming file is downloaded to an isolated folder on their hard drive and that they use a virus program to check the file before use. One day there may be legislation enacted that will hold the marketer responsible for the dissemination of materials. Until then, the responsibility lies with the person receiving the file as well as the cost of repair.

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Twitter Wonder Tactics | Internet Marketing

Twitter Wonder Tactics | Internet Marketing 

Twitter Wonder Tactics Image

Twitter Wonder Tactics


Twitter Wonder Tactics is an eBook to help Internet Marketers understand the value of the Twitter platform. It turned out to be well written and informative. It starts by briefly explaining the power of Twitter going on to talk about how and why Twitter should be integrated in a marketing strategy and then provides some useful ideas for implementation. The table of contents reads as follows:

  • Table of Contents
  • The Power of Twitter
  • Integrating Twitter into Your Strategy
  • Building a Following
  • Mastering the Tweet
  • Using Twitter to Drive Traffic
  • Using Twitter to Serve Your Customers
  • Testing, Tracking and Improving
  • Conclusion

The title of this PDF File leads one to expect more from the contents, but it does delivers on its stated “title” message. If you are looking for in-depth, instruction in any of the areas included in the title, that information does not exist on the pages. In essence, Twitter Wonder Tactics is not written for the computer novice or someone mildly familiar with Internet Marketing. Instead, this eBook is provided mostly for experienced Internet Marketers as a means of introducing them to the possibilities that opening the Twitter door can bring.

Twitter Wonder Tactics is an eBook full of concepts and ideas for using the Twitter platform as part of an overall Internet Marketing strategy. The ideas and concepts are well thought through and the presentation is superb. The eBook will be very helpful to those wishing to take an original gander into Twitter, or those already into the Twitter process and lost with what `they find there.

Twitter is a platform that has its own language and its own modus operandi. Understanding its methods and concepts can be quite daunting to those new to the platform. Twitter Wonder Tactics clears up a lot of these elements and will allow one to come to grips with exactly what the platform offers and how to best incorporate it into a current marketing strategy. As with most things, there is no magic wand that will let you snap your fingers and find instant success. The eBook discusses the elements necessary to find success using the platform and the descriptions, concepts and ideas indicate the necessity for of the work and effort necessary in reaching that goal.

I would recommend the book to experienced Internet Marketers looking to enter the world of Twitter. It would probably be a useful read to less affluent marketers since it presumes a certain level of business and marketing experience. It is definitely not one of those “how-to” eBooks. Instead it merely presents concepts and ideas in explaining how they apply to the Twitter platform allowing the reader the flexibility to decide how to employ that material in their own Internet Marketing effort.

If you’re a novice or are only casually familiar with Internet Marketing as a concept or business, this eBook is probably best kept on the shelf for the present since there are many more pressing matters to occupy your time in learning to establish your business. One of the greatest things that emerge from Twitter Wonder Tactics is the necessity to plan your way into and through any type of campaign while engaging in the Twitter platform.

In addition, all Internet Marketers, regardless of their level of experience and expertise will require further reading and instruction in order to implement the ideas and concepts presented. While the eBook lists some resources that can be utilized for implementation of some of the concepts outlined, it falls way short of explaining or identifying any real method of employment of those ideas.

Anyone wanting a copy of Twitter Wonder Tactics, whether for present reading or just to keep for future reference, can acquire one free of charge here…..http://testitnow.cashsite4u.com/

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What is – Who is – Are you – a Newbie?

I was reviewing some software for inclusion in this week’s Software Review on my other blog:

when I came across an included ebook. I started reading it and was unable to stop. It’s entitled “The Newbies Guide…” Oh no, I’m not disclosing the full title here. Check this page later this week when it’s published. In fact, subscribe to this blog and get a notice every time a new posting is made.

But that ebook made me wonder. What is a newbie? Who is considered a newbie? How do we define a newbie? Where can we actually find a newbie? The term seems to only be applied to users of the internet. Why?

Well, in fact, we are all newbies at something or other. In plain English, a newbie is someone who is “new to something”. From what I can determine, the same applies to the slang – computer lingo. Simply put, a “newbie” is considered one who is new to computer…? The end of that last sentence is the problem! New to computer what?

I know people who have been using computers for many years, yet, some will refer to them as newbies. The answer seems to lie in what is being referred to in the term itself. For instance, these same people are newbies to computer programming or internet marketing. These are new skills to them as they have no experience in these areas.

That being the case, we’re all newbies…at something. For instance, I have been an entertainer (singer) on stage for over 50 years. But ask me to do comedy? Not just a newbie at it…a disaster! Consequently, this being the case, no-one should be insulted, put off or feel discouraged because they are considered a newbie. Factually, it is to your benefit. In the world of computerism, everyone is out to help a newbie. That is just the ethic of this friendly computer world.

So, if you are considered to be a newbie, feel proud. Hold your head up and soak in all the knowledge the “so-called” advanced people, experts and gurus are willing to offer. Just one word of advice, like everything else in the world, just because someone has been in this game a long time, doesn’t make them eligible to impart their knowledge to you. Remember, the greatest footballer of all time may not be worth a penny as a trainer or coach. Likewise in the computer game! Just because a “guru” made a lot of money marketing on the internet doesn’t provide him/her the ability to get you to do the same.

Well, that’s it for this post. Be back with you in a couple of days with this week’s ebook review. All The Best!

Blog Setup Tutorials | Reviewed

Blog Setup Tutorials

First a little background:

There are loads of places and companies offering blogging services these days. Blog Setup Tutorials is a product that only relates to the WordPress blogging product. Of course, it would be nice if it could relate to them all, but that is relatively impossible. WordPress has two (2) products in the marketplace. While both are similar, there are usage differences. Both are free to use! The first is called “WordPress.com”. This product is hosted on the WordPress.com servers and there are no installation or maintenance costs. However, this version comes with limitations imposed by the website. For instance, you are not allowed to promote commercial advertising (such as Google Adsense). Some items can be purchased separately and/or you can opt for a paying premium account. However, you will still have limitations on your ability to fully use and exploit the product. Then there is “WordPress.org”. This is the same (perhaps pumped-up version), but with it you must have your own hosting and you are responsible for installation and maintenance. This blog (Free-eBooks-Reviewed) is one of the WordPress.com offerings but will soon be upgraded to WordPress.org for reasons of flexibility. Blog Setup Tutorials relate to the WordPress.org product! Enough waffling…

Now the review:

Blog Setup Tutorials is truly a 91 page eBook with something to offer. I started it and couldn’t put it down until reaching the end. Unlike most “how-to” electronic books, Blog Setup Tutorials will walk the reader through every step and process necessary to get a WordPress blog up and running. But, that’s not all. The author makes no inference that you have any internet marketing experience and starts right from the beginning. In essence, before you actually have to set-up a blog, there are other considerations you need to make. These considerations are explained in detail with adequate explanations and graphics.

Take a look at the Table of Contents:

Choosing a Niche & Keyword
Choosing your Domain Name
Registering your Domain Name
Setting up your Webhosting Account
Updating your Domain Nameservers
Creating Domain Name Email Addresses
Installing WordPress Blog using Fantastico
Installing WordPress Blog Manually
Installing WordPress Themes to your Blog
Installing WordPress Plugins to your Blog
Search Engine Optimization for your Blog
Creating Categories for your Blog
Creating Additional Pages for your Blog
Writing your first post for your Blog
Adding Pictures & Video to your Blog
Monetizing your WordPress Blog
Adding Adsense, Aweber & Affiliate Banners
Adding Google Analytics to your Blog
Traffic Generation techniques for your blog
Acknowledgments & Conclusion

It’s like the author is right there with you, holding your hand and guiding you through every process necessary from start to finish. If you can read, or in some cases in this tutorial just follow the graphics, you will wind-up with your project online. Not just that, but you are also walked through the processes of monetizing your blog (ideas on making money from your efforts), adding “widgets” and “plug-ins”, getting products to sell (either outright or passively) and getting traffic (readers/customers) to come by and visit your pages!

This is not just a general manual, but instead, an in-depth guide, with the author holding your hand every step of the way. In some places Blog Setup Tutorials uses what we call “computer lingo”, much like most of the computer technical manuals on offer today. This type of writing has a tendency to put off many a reader, specifically the computer “novice”. This is not the case with this manual. If computer terminology is used, the author breaks it down into layman’s language which most high school drop-outs will understand. Blog Setup Tutorials would also be a pleasure for the older generation to read since it is not published with the normal 10  – 12 point typeface, but instead seems to utilize about a 14 – 16 point typeface. I was able to get from start to finish without the use of my reading glasses and without any form of eye strain.

The eBook was not just a pleasure to read, but overly informative, specific and to the point. Any task required from A to Z is clearly identified and explained. I was able to complete each step easily as I set-up a test blog using the instructions provided. I’m sure most would have no trouble accomplishing the same end.

As a reviewer, it is my job to find and report on the good and bad aspects of any project. I’m pleased to say, no fault could be found with this eBook. It is informative, to the point, and will get the reader through the entire process with little trouble. Additionally, the author offers assistance to anyone who emails in should they encounter a problem with anything outlined in his writing. One could not ask more than that!

The eBook contains useful links to every kind of resource one would need if the reason for starting the blog is a commercial endeavour. The links could be used to create a separate resource directory they are so plentiful. The author is not just handing you a “set-up instruction manual” then leaving you to get on with it. His attitude seems to be one of: “I’m not going to take your money and leave you stranded”!

Oh, what am I saying?  I almost forgot! The going price for this great work is “your name and email address”. In this case, a price well worth paying! 

I have little doubt that some of the links in the eBook lead to products that will require a payment from you and that the author will probably receive a commission should you purchase. However, the author is quick to point out that you are free to use your own resource; his is not the only one in the marketplace. For instance, there is absolutely no pressure or indication that your hosting must come from the company he uses or that you should always purchase your domain name from his source. That being said, this is a product that should probably sell for around $97.00 and it is being handed over for no “out-of-pocket” cost to the recipient. Step-by-step instruction, a ton of resources and the offer to hold your hand if required; all without you handing over a single cent!

In Conclusion:

This was a good read! Blog Setup Tutorials is informative, well research and well written. The information and instruction in the manual is second to none on the topic covered. It could be used by novice and advanced internet marketers in getting a blog up and running, monetizing it and getting traffic to it. All in all, it is certainly worth far more than the author is charging. Well done; Mr. Tommy Mc Laughlin…

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All The Best!


Free eBooks Reviewed

Welcome to Free eBooks Reviewed. This blog is meant for the millions of people who acquire a “free” eBook offered on the internet. It is also for those persons looking to acquire a “free” eBook from the internet. Here we will review the eBook’s content and intent and report on its delivery, usefulness and resources.


Reading eBooks, or any other materials for that matter, can be quite time-consuming. Why waste your time rushing through an eBook, even if a great one, that only provided materials concerning matters you already know? Or one that provides information without showing a means of implementing the great knowledge you just acquired? First you need to understand: “The eBook Is Not Free“!


It may be at no financial cost, but it is NOT free! Before you can get your hands on that desired material you will, no doubt, be required to hand over your Name and your eMail Address. These are precious commodities and every internet marketer wants to get their hands on them. Why? So they can bombard you with constantly flowing email offers that crowd your inbox and wear at your patience. I have an email address that I hadn’t used for almost 4 years. When I decided to start using it again (about 2 months ago), I found I had over 50,000 emails piled up in there. Over the years, email marketers have continued to send me offers. Although I never responded to any, apparently the emails kept on flowing. I finally managed to empty that box and still receive (from the same marketers) over 200 emails daily. One would think by now they would have purged their email systems of non-responders!


You should also know about the “OTO’s” (One Time Offers)! These seem to be abundant  today. Some even have secondary OTO’s…that is…if you try to move on past the first OTO another page appears offering you the same OTO (identical) at a fraction of the cost of the first OTO. Apparently these tactics work or why would marketers continue them? And most of the OTO’s say something like…”Purchase This and Get All These Items Free” or “You Will Never See This Offer Again”! What are the items? More free eBooks or free software products! Think about this. If you are given 10 eBooks free for your purchase when will you have time to read them? Mostly, they will just take up space on your hard drive until one day you dispose of them! So…Why were they so valuable in the first place?


Forget about the “Free” offers! Concentrate on the item being sold! Is it of value to you? Do you need, or even want, it? If the answer is “NO”, look way down the bottom of the page. Past all the glitter and hype! You will find an indiscreet wording that usually starts with: “No…thanks for the great…”, just “let…”! Click on that to bypass the OTO and get to your “Free” download.


Don’t feel guilty either! Just remember: “it wasn’t actually Free”! You paid for the product with what the marketer was after…”Your Credentials”!


Why am I qualified to present these reviews? I’m not going to write here what is said somewhere else…so if you want the answer to that question…wander on over to my “about me” page since it is presented there. Needless to say, what I am proposing to accomplish with this blog is to save many of you the aggravation associated with acquiring these items if they are not what you are looking for. Additionally, we will report on the completeness of the information presented and provide resources that may fill the gap left by most of the writings in these materials.


For instance…I recently finished a short and informative ebook by a very famous internet marketer. It provided very useful material and great ideas! Now the writer would say “It was written to provide information” and he would be right…and the information is presented very well. The problem is, there is absolutely no materials that indicate how to employ the acquired knowledge, where to get further resources to use the information, or what to do with the knowledge. Its like giving someone quick directions to get across town then handing them a street map without any roads on it. How do you get from point “A” to point “B” with such a guide?


Now don’t be deceived…I do NOT pretend to be a Guru…nor have I made a million dollars doing internet marketing, and I certainly won’t make that kind of money doing a  free blog. But then…it was never my intention to become an internet millionaire! I have had some sites online and they have done very well. I do have computer experience and marketing know-how. This blog will utilize those experiences to report on the products marketers are offering you at “no Cost” (NOT Free) and their usefulness. You decide whether or not to pursue acquiring them!


In addition, should the eBooks reviewed leave out the important stuff (the where – how & what to’s – in getting a result from the knowledge received from your reading) here we will try to provide you with those left-out resources. The first eBook review is currently in process and a report should be posted here about findings within the next week. Readers are free to submit reviews if they want to take the time to write them. Requests for reviews will be accepted and acted on as time permits.


Please use this Contact Form to submit requests:



You will be contacted by email with my email address. Be Prepared to attach and forward any product to be reviewed.


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