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A little about me……I am now 67 years of age…that’s right…no longer a “spring chicken”. I am an entertainer by profession and still perform internationally. Over the years I have had an excessive amount of free time and used it to develop my interests in computers. I started in the late 1960’s when a single computer would almost fill a small room. On or about 1970 or so when the first desktop computers started arriving on the scene I purchased one of the first to arrive on the shelves, took it home, plugged it in and was confronted with the almighty “black screen” and a little white flashing thing that became known as a “cursor”. After reading the instruction manual ans performing the tasks as explained, I pressed a button and the words: “Hello World” magically appeared on the screen (now known as a monitor). I turned the thing off and went for a drink…I mean…that was three hours later.


When I returned I turned this instrument back on and after about 10 minutes or so was able to re-access my “Hello World” program. The drive it was stored on was a “tape” drive which was all that was available…yes…like what we now know as a “cassette” tape. Well…that just wouldn’t do, but nothing else was available. I struggled with this slow hindrance for many months and finally came out the “Floppy” drive. In the interim I studied the available programming languages and became quite proficient at them. Since I have learned to program in every language starting with “basic through today’s C+ series.


In the 1990’s I started Friendly Computer Services specializing in building computers for small corporations and selling proprietary software to meet their needs. I closed that service after about 8 years and moved to Spain. Yes… I was still performing on the road during these periods.


While in Spain I started studying Internet Marketing, gathering every available resource known to man, attending on-line conferences, you name it! My current collection of eBooks (electronic books) and software gadgets is second to none. It they were offered “free”, I took them. If they were being sold at moderate prices, I bought them. If some new course was offer I attended…paid or free. And…that was just for the knowledge. You see, I never intended to become the next internet millionaire. Yes…I have put up a few websites in my time…each has done well considering my intended goal was to prove to myself I could do it…not for the money…for the self-satisfaction.


So…now you know a little about my background. Why am I here? Well, recently I was talking with some friends purported to be “computer wise” and I learned they were simply computer operators. Give them a program without instruction and they were lost! You see…they wanted to download video from YouTube, store them on their local drives and be able to play them later. I told them where to find the required “tools” for that task, they found, downloaded and installed them, but could never get them to work. They also watched video after video about how to get`these tools to work on the YouTube website. Still…only grief! I had to eventually go over, hold them by the hand and show them step-by-step what `they were being told to do!


It then dawned on me that there are millions of people just like my friends. As ling as they have a pre-written program with stipulated step-by-step instructions they can accomplish their tasks. However, the videos gave step-by-step instruction, so why did they fail? Another truth became prevalent…they couldn’t understand what the instruction meant…how to do it! You see, the instructor took for granted they understood things like “File Associations”, “De-Compressing Files”, “Setting A Home Directory”, etc.


Then I remembered the eBooks and software I had lying around. I took a good look at the accompanying instructions and realized…they were written with the same “they must understand this” as the videos my friends had been watching. So…what good is a “free” piece of software if you can’t get it to work? What good is the information in a “free” eBook if you can’t understand how to employ it?


It was hen that I decided to try to make things easier for the millions of computer “operators” out there that wanted to make a go of internet marketing but actually lacked the skills and understanding to attempt their dream. I will be putting up two (2) blogs which might help these people. This one is dedicated to reviewing those “free” eBooks always offered for your Name and eMail Address. After all, what good is having the great information of “how to” (what must be done) when no-one gives you the instruction of how to implement that knowledge? The second blog will be on reviewing the “free” software they are always giving away. It should be started here during the next seven days or so.


Obviously, it would be impossible to review every single free eBook or piece of free software available today. But, I will make an attempt to review as much of it as possible over the coming months. If anyone has a need for a review of any certain piece of “free” software or a “free” eBook, please send me a copy and a request for review. I will gladly attempt a review, but do allow some flexibility with regard to the time it will take. If someone wants to write a review on any piece of “free” software or “free” eBook, feel free to submit it to me for posting on this blog. All postings will e given proper credit! Such a writing would not only assist me in what is currently perceived as an overwhelming task, but would help the readers who subscribe to this blog.


Well, there you have it…Why I am developing this blog…I hope it is received in the spirit of my intent…and all manage to profit from my efforts.


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You will be contacted by email. Be prepared to attach and forward materials to be reviewed.

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