What is – Who is – Are you – a Newbie?

I was reviewing some software for inclusion in this week’s Software Review on my other blog:

when I came across an included ebook. I started reading it and was unable to stop. It’s entitled “The Newbies Guide…” Oh no, I’m not disclosing the full title here. Check this page later this week when it’s published. In fact, subscribe to this blog and get a notice every time a new posting is made.

But that ebook made me wonder. What is a newbie? Who is considered a newbie? How do we define a newbie? Where can we actually find a newbie? The term seems to only be applied to users of the internet. Why?

Well, in fact, we are all newbies at something or other. In plain English, a newbie is someone who is “new to something”. From what I can determine, the same applies to the slang – computer lingo. Simply put, a “newbie” is considered one who is new to computer…? The end of that last sentence is the problem! New to computer what?

I know people who have been using computers for many years, yet, some will refer to them as newbies. The answer seems to lie in what is being referred to in the term itself. For instance, these same people are newbies to computer programming or internet marketing. These are new skills to them as they have no experience in these areas.

That being the case, we’re all newbies…at something. For instance, I have been an entertainer (singer) on stage for over 50 years. But ask me to do comedy? Not just a newbie at it…a disaster! Consequently, this being the case, no-one should be insulted, put off or feel discouraged because they are considered a newbie. Factually, it is to your benefit. In the world of computerism, everyone is out to help a newbie. That is just the ethic of this friendly computer world.

So, if you are considered to be a newbie, feel proud. Hold your head up and soak in all the knowledge the “so-called” advanced people, experts and gurus are willing to offer. Just one word of advice, like everything else in the world, just because someone has been in this game a long time, doesn’t make them eligible to impart their knowledge to you. Remember, the greatest footballer of all time may not be worth a penny as a trainer or coach. Likewise in the computer game! Just because a “guru” made a lot of money marketing on the internet doesn’t provide him/her the ability to get you to do the same.

Well, that’s it for this post. Be back with you in a couple of days with this week’s ebook review. All The Best!

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